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The Scoop…


First and foremost, I’m a geek for graphic design! I have a deep love for color and a sharp eye for design.  Combine the two – and you have some of the baddest designs out there!


My inspiration for graphic design started in 2000 when I began working at a small publishing print shop.  I was running a high-speed digital color printer when the image coming out of the machine caught my eye. The extraordinary images made me wonder about the creative minds that worked on those designs. Shortly after that, I met a few graphic designers and I had the opportunity to observe their work and I thought to myself – I WANT TO DO THAT, I WANT TO DESIGN.  I was hooked and I started designing small graphic projects for my department and colleagues.  Slowly, I began to branch out and I started to design simple birthday invitations for family and friends.


As the years went by, I collected small clip arts from other designers on Etsy to create birthday banners, invitations, party decorations, etc.  As I honed my skills through these small projects, more and more family and friends wanted my help, my passion for design grew and I finally decided to enroll in a graphic designing program. In early 2016, I received a bachelor in Fine Arts Graphic Design.       


Thanks for taking the time to read about me. Now, let’s work together to get your ideas out there.  Contact me and let’s start designing!   


Thanks for checking out my site!  



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